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Sino-Foundry Refractory provides you with refractory solutions

SFR® has a professional refractory  R & D team, with the state of art technology, worldwide sourcing of raw materials, high-tech equipment and ISO9001: 2008 quality assurance system. We

have5 state of the art monolithic refractory production lines, annual output is about 25,000 tons. SFR®  provides high safety,  high performance refractory solution for foundry and aluminum

industry with seven series over 200 products.  Our products are sold to customers all around china  and more than 30 countries  around the world. SFR ® provide the refractory solution for the

Foundry & Aluminum industry.   The products are designed to be use in the coreless induction furnace melting iron, steel, copper & aluminum, channel induction furnace, transfer ladles, pouring ladles,

induction tube furnace and other heat related industries. Some of the products have state of the art technology and great performance. 


  SFR® has a high-temperature materials laboratory, professional R & D team, not only can guarantee the stable quality of products online, but also continue efforts to create new

better performance products;
SFR® has a sales and service team with many foundry specialists who well known the foundry technology, they have worked for many years in the foundry company. We are well

understand the requirements of refractory products, providing customers with professional service, able to help customers solve the  on site problems
Installation is very important to the final quality of the monolithic refractory.  SFR® provide professional technical service on site as well as procedure bulletin. 
SFR® has advanced manufacturing and testing equipment. Advanced mixer and packaging equipment to ensure stable performance of the products;
SFR® can provide lining design and thermal analysis for the customer;


Choosing the products of Sino-Foundry Refractory, bringing the following benefits to customers:

More cost-effective service life

Improve installation

and maintenance technology

Shorten installation and

drying time

Reduce downtime

More safe

production environment

Localized expert's technical

and service support