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Aluminum Industry

Heat Resistant Floor Castable

Aluminum Industry

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Heat Resistant Floor Castable

SFR recommends heat-resistant floor castable “ULTRA-CAST FLOOR” for hot working workshops. The material can withstand severe thermal and thermal changes, harsh mechanical wear and intermittent splashing of molten metal and slag. “ULTRA-CAST FLOOR” can be used to pour the entire floor, cast it on top of ordinary concrete or make prefabricated panels according to the customer's needs.
“ULTRA-CAST FLOOR” also has the following advantages: it can be used for pedestrians or mechanical equipment after 24 hours of construction; shortening the production stoppage caused by floor repair; fast replacement and long service life; saving maintenance time and cost; smooth and smooth The floor prevents falls and reduces mechanical damage, making the work shop safer.
Advantages of heat-resistant floor castables
Reduce the time to repair the floor. Can be used by forklift or pedestrian after 24 hours of construction;
Reduce floor replacement frequency and reduce costs. ULTRA-CAST FLOOR is stronger than conventional castables. ULTRA-CAST FLOOR has better mechanical resistance than conventional castables when it encounters splashing of molten metal, slag, or contact with hot metals, hot castings, ladle in use, hot chips, pig iron, steel plates, etc. Wear, corrosion resistance, and more resistance to thermal shock;
The floor of the workshop is safer. ULTRA-CAST FLOOR will remain flat and smooth for a long time, which will greatly reduce the downmix, reduce the damage of the transport tool caused by bumps and the splash of molten metal in the transfer bag;
TUFFLOOR is designed for use in hot work shops where harsh thermal shocks, long-term melt and slag splashes are required for higher floor performance. It can be used to build the entire floor, to the surface of old concrete floors or to make prefabricated parts.
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