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Quick Repair Material

Aluminum Industry

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Quick Repair Material

ULTRA-BOND® Quick Repair Castables are unique and versatile refractory castables for the molten aluminum industry. ULTRA-BOND® can be used as a castable to make the entire lining or to repair a refractory lining in use, and it can also be used as a casting preform. After the construction is completed, the mold can be demolded after 2 hours.
ULTRA-BOND® uses a two-component system that is a combination of a dry refractory and a proprietary liquid binder. The refractory product thus produced has characteristics similar to those of the self-flowing material, and it is extremely convenient to repair the damaged lining surface. ULTRA-BOND® has excellent wear and impact resistance for use in environments where it is in contact with metals. It has a natural non-wetting property to aluminum-based alloys and is well suited for smelting of non-ferrous metals. Its uses include repairing and pouring furnaces, furnace door frames, runners, furnace walls, furnace covers and degassing boxes.
Ultra bond 852 quick repair material vs conventional castable:
1. The time for stopping the furnace is different. The quick repair material can be constructed 10 hours after the furnace is shut down, and the pouring material needs to wait until the furnace temperature drops to about 25 degrees Celsius;
2. Different construction time, quick repair material can be solidified in 15-30 minutes under hot repair conditions, and ordinary castables need at least one day, such as explosion cracking in hot state;
3. Different baking time, the quick repairing material can be melted immediately after construction, and the casting material needs to be baked according to the baking curve, and can be added after 3-10 days of roasting.
Overall, the fast repair material can save customers at least 7 days of valuable production time compared to ordinary castables, and its safety and construction quality in the hot state can be guaranteed.
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