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DR-7500 Degassing Refiner

It is applied for degassing and refining in holding furnace,  ladels and other equipment in the aluminum alloy casting industry;
The refining agent is sprayed in the aluminum liquid, and the refining agent is thoroughly mixed with the aluminum liquid, and the refining effect is good;
The refining agent does not contact the air to avoid burning and slagging;
The refining system and the degassing system are independent of each other, and the switching process is convenient;
The refining system is quick and easy to maintain, and the cost of consumables is extremely low.
The Siemens 10-inch touch screen is used to adjust the process parameters according to the needs to achieve the desired degassing refining effect;
Siemens PLC control unit precisely controls three sets of equipment:
Refined dusting system
Rotary blowing system
Cantilever lifting system
The operation interface stores up to 8 sets of process parameters, and can also add more sets as needed;
Each set of parameters includes:
Refining agent, dusting speed, process time, two-stage injection flow rate, two-stage rotor speed
Processing process parameters are all recorded
Multiple exceptions are protected and recorded
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DR-7500 Degassing Refiner