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Aluminum Industry

Auxiliary materials for aluminum industrial furnaces

Aluminum Industry

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Auxiliary materials for aluminum industrial furnaces

Tap Hole Block
Heat resistant

Anchor bricks and Steel anchors

Provide heat-resistant steel anchors and alumina anchor bricks for reverberatory furnaces and centralized melting furnaces.

Heat resistant

Automatic high efficiency mixer

Heat resistant
SFR-SSF Stainless Steel Fiber

According to the actual requirements, 416, 301, 304 and other series of heat-resistant steel fibers are provided. The recommended addition of steel fibers in low-cement castables is 2.5-6%.

Heat resistant
SFR-BOARD Ceramic Fiber Board 

Used for hot surface or backing insulation layer of various high working temperature industrial furnaces,.



Classification temperature: 1000-1400 ℃.
Existing specifications: 1000 × 600 × 25 / 50MM Other special specifications can be customized according to customers.

Heat resistant
SFR-CFP Ceramic Fiber Paper 

Ceramic fiber paper does not contain asbestos. It is an ideal material for sealing and insulating.


The classification temperature of ceramic fiber paper is 1260 ℃.

Heat resistant
Heat resistant steel anchor hooks and alumina anchor bricks for aluminum reverberatory furnaces and concentrated melting furnaces
Heat resistant
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