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Aluminum Industry

Low cement castable heating and sintering

Aluminum Industry

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Low cement castable heating and sintering


At any time, especially the unsintered lining, the ambient temperature must be above 5 ℃ to prevent the lining from freezing;
The sintering of the lining can be started 72 hours later when the lining installation is completed;
During the initial sintering stage (the no more than 340℃ holding period), using an auxiliary heat device for heating. It is recommended not to use the furnace burner directly, in order to prevent partial lining from heating up too quickly;
At any time, the control of temperature rising is mainly based on the thermocouple which have the highest data. Be sure that the thermocouple should not be too close to the heat device; 

At the beginning of each holding stage, the temperature difference of all the thermocouple should be less than 100℃, otherwise the holding time should be extended;

If there is discharge of pressurized steam during the sintering process, the heating should be stopped, and the temperature should be maintained until the pressurized steam disappears, and then the sintering process continues;

It is recommended that the furnace have to be put into use directly after the sintering is completed. Do not cold down the furnace frequently. Any lining may have cracks during the frequent cooling process. Please note that after the furnace reaches the required production temperature, please keep this normal working temperature for at least one month in order to release the thermal stress.

When the furnace needs to be stopped, firstly discharge the molten aluminum and remove the slag, then slowly cool down to 100℃ at a rate not more than 50℃ / hour, and then the furnace door can be opened.

When the cold furnace needs to be reheated, please refer to the cold furnace re-starting process, and then fill in molten aluminum after the 740℃ holding process is completed.






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