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Aluminum Industry

Main Product Series

Aluminum Industry

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Main Product Series


SFR produces a full range of refractory materials for high-temperature equipment in the aluminum processing industry. Our product covers almost all the equipment associated with molten aluminum. Such as aluminum smelting and holding furnace, launder system, filter box, degassing box and high insulation ladles. Many of these products have very innovative design and achieved excellent performance in reality. We recommended that all parts in contact with molten aluminum use low-cement castables as working linings which containing composite non-wetting additive. We conducted crucible erosion test on all materials in contact with molten aluminum. Through rigorous testing, we chose the best material structure design and unique composite non-wetting additive. The material has good resistance with aluminum in 950 °C, even in 1200°C, we can ensure that the material still remain certain non-wetting property.

                   Experimental conditions: 7075 alloy, 850 °C for 96 hours, 7075 Alloys, 850 °C holding 96 Hours

ALU-FLO series low cement castables, mainly used for work lining in contact with molten aluminum;

ALU-FLO 94AR is a high-purity corundum-based low cement castable with very low silicon iron content. The latest material structure design makes the material have high strength, excellent construction surface, PPM grade Si and Fe contains, and excellent corundum growth resistance, the first choice for melting of high-purity aluminum, also suitable for the ramp and impact zone of melting furnace where demand higher strength;

ALU-FLO 81AR is a high-purity bauxite-based low cement castable, with high alumina content, low silica and iron oxide ratio. It has a composite non-wetting additive and good resistance to molten aluminum penetration, as well as good anti-corundum growth ability;

ALU-FLO 60AR is a mullite-based low cement castable with good volume stability. It is compounded with a composite non-wetting additive and has excellent resistance to molten aluminum penetration.

Other similar products: ALU-FLO 87AR, ALU-FLO 86AR, ALU-FLO 76AR


ULTRA-CAST FS fused silica based castable for the manufacture of launder and filter boxes;

ULTRA-CAST FS has an innovative structure design that utilizes the advantages of zero expansion of fused silica. The material has excellent volume stability. The high purity raw materials and the high-strength feature make it very resistant to molten aluminum, it can be used in the contact area such as the refining devices, launder, degassing box, filter box, etc.;

ULTRA-CAST LW and ULTRA-CAST 140 is recommended for launder and distribute box that require better insulation properties.


ALU-PAK series plastic materials for repairing;

ALU-PAK 82AR is a high alumina-based plastic material, mainly used for repairing the lining of coreless induction furnace, and can also be used to repair the burner area of reverb furnace or the entire working lining of the holding furnace.

Other special materials of the ULTRA series, such as silicon carbide based and zirconia based;

ULTRA-CAST SiC is a silicon carbide based castable that is primarily used in severe area such as outlet and side-well of reverb furnace;


ALU-LITE series of lightweight insulation refractories containing non-wetting additives;

ALU-LITE 22AR, ALU-LITE 26AR, ALU-LITE 29 and other lightweight insulation castables not only have high insulation, high strength and low thermal conductivity, but also have non-wetting additives, which can resist the penetration of aluminum. Designed for subhearth in aluminum melting & holding furnace.


ULTRA-BOND series quick repair castables;

ULTRA-BOND 851/852 are quick repair castables designed for rapid repair of furnace and launder system. The material has two components, one bag of material and one bottle of binder. When the two components are mixed during installation, it can be quickly settled, the mold can be removed after 2 hours. Small repairs can be directly heat up and put into use.

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