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Mica Paper

It is recommended to use mica paper as the slipping plane for the backing of the coreless induction furnace.

SFR ®- MICA is a high temperature resistant insulating material which is made of silicone resin, composite mica paper, electroless alkali-free fiberglass cloth and insulating film. After baking&drying, then slitting into strips of required size.

SFR® - MICA has good dielectric properties, as well as excellent ablative performance and mechanical tensile strength. It also has good softness under normal conditions to meet the requirements of lining installation.

The use of mica is both economical and practical.


The role of mica is to prevent carbon and sulfur from accumulating on the coil and block moisture.

The black deposit on the surface of the coil grout is typically a blue/green mixture with the faded coil paste. The black substance is carbon separated by carbon monoxide; the blue/green mixture is copper sulfate produced by the reaction of SO2+H2O and copper. The above deposition will penetrate the traditional backing materials such as ceramic cloth and ceramic paper, but the mica paper can effectively prevent the penetration of carbon and sulfur into the coil grout and protect the coil;

Mica can partially block moisture;

The resistance between the back and coil is reduced when the lining expands and contracts, so the lining is prevented from pull cracks.

mica paper
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