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SIL-RAM 163 acid lining material dry-type refractory mass fused silica refractory for induction furnace refractory

SIL-RAM 163 is Fused Silica based dry ramming materials, designed to use as work lining for coreless furnace melting grey iron or ductile iron, can be used for batch melting or continues melting furnaces.

SIL-RAM 163 also can used as work lining for non-ferrous metal melting.

SIL-RAM 163 use high quality fused silica as main raw materials, SIL-RAM 163 has excellent thermo-shock resistance and good erosion resistance for the iron melting and slag corrosion.
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Major Components SiO2 Al2O3 Fe2O3 Others
Data(%) 99.2 0.5 0.1 0.2



Item Density( Max.Temp.(℃) Grain Size(MM) Proper Temp.(℃)
Data 1.89 1650 ≤5 1350-1600



Packaged in 25kg multi-walled paper bags. Palletized 64 bags (1600 kg) per 1100 x 1100mm pallet protected with stretch wrap.



Storage beyond 12 months is not recommended. Store in a dry location to avoid moisture pickup.

SFR supplies a complete line of monolithic refractories for melting and holding all types of metals. For more information or a complete evaluation of your refractory requirements, please contact your local SFR representative.

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