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Spout and Repair Material

In addition to the precast spouts, we recommend the application of plastic materials to make the spouts and as the daily repair materials for the work lining:

ALU-PAK® 67 uses high-purity aluminum-silicon-based oxide as the main raw material. Its unique design and innovative improvement bring with excellent anti-slag and anti-erosion properties. Recommended for repairing the spout and lining of furnaces in iron, copper and aluminum foundries;

ALU-PAK® 73CR adds a certain proportion of chromium oxide to give the material high strength and high erosion resistance. Recommended for repairing the spout and lining of furnaces in iron, steel, copper and aluminum foundries;

ALU-PAK® 79CR is designed with a low-phosphorus binder which can greatly reduce the chance of phosphorus contamination of the molten steel in the process of using.

ALU-PAK® 90H is made of high-purity aluminum corundum, and it is designed for repairing the spout and lining of the furnaces in precision casting industry.

We also can supply with ALU-PAK® 55, ALU-PAK® 72CR, ALU-PAK® 78CR, ALU-PAK® 82CR, ALU-PAK® 90M and ALU-PAK® 90L to meet the needs of different customers.

Consult our on-site engineers and technicians for more details.




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