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Foundry Industry

Structure of coreless induction furnace

Refractory system for coreless induction furnace

Materials for furnace structure

Spout installation and maintenance material

Coil grout

SFR-MICA paper

Lining installation tool for coreless furnace

Refractory for cif melting and holding iron

Refractory for cif melting and holding steel

Refractory for cif melting and holding copper

Refractory for icf melting and holding aluminum/zinc alloy

Refractory system for the vacuum induction furnance


Channel furnace melting and holding iron

Channel furnace melting and holding non-ferrous

Metal transfer equipment

Heat-resistant floor castables

Aluminum Industry

Major aluminum industry products

Selection criteria of Refractories for aluminum industry

Lining design and products selection

Installation process of low cement castable

Sintering process of low cement castable

Refractories reveb melting furnace

Refractories for stack melting furnace

Aluminum holding furnace&Refractories for low pressure casting furnace

Refractories for aluminum melting rotary furnace

High insulation aluminum transfer ladle

Aluminum melting launder and tundish system

Aluminum melting filtration system

Aluminum melting degassing system

Electric heating cover system of aluminum launder

Coreless induction furnace lining material for molten aluminum alloy

ULTRA-BOND series quick repair castable

Heat-Resistant floor castables

DR-06 Nano insulation materials

Auxiliary materials for aluminum industry furnace cpnstruction

Composition of refractories for aluminium industry

Other Industry

Refractories for metal silicon melting

Refractory For Marine Boilers

Heating Furnace Refractory

Supporting Equipment and Spare Parts

DR-7500 Degassing Refiner