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Foundry Industry

Refractory System for Coreless Induction Furnace

Iron Melting and Holding

Steel Melting and Holding

Aluminum Melting and Holding

Copper Melting and Holding

Vacuum Furnace

Channel Induction Furnace


Heat Resistant Floor Castables

Coil Grout

Spout and Repair Material

Mica Paper

Structural Component

Installation Tools

Aluminum Industry

Main Product Series

Refractory Selection Criteria

Reverb Furnace

Stackmelter Furnace

Coreless Induction Furnace

Holding Furnace

Launder System

Filter System

De-gassing System

Heat Resistant Floor Castable

Quick Repair Material


Casting Table

Control Pins&Transition Plates

Skim Dams

DS-06 Nano Insulation Material

Auxiliary Material

Mixing and Construction Notice

Dry Out and Sintering Notice

Other Industry

Metal-Silicon Smelting

Refractory For Marine Boilers

Heating Furnace Refractory

Supporting Equipment and Spare Parts

DR-7500 Degassing Refiner