5 basic characteristics of refractory dry ramming mass


Refractory dry ramming mass is a semi-dry, bulk refractory material formed by ramming. Usually particles and fine powders made of high-alumina materials are made according to a certain gradation and added with an appropriate amount of binding agent. During construction, they need to be rammed to obtain a dense structure.

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Refractory dry ramming mass has the following basic characteristics:
1. It has heat-hardness, peeling resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance; adding tar to dolomite ramming material can enhance hydration resistance; adding tar as a binder to graphite ramming material has good workability.
2. Refractory dry ramming mass has a higher operating temperature, generally between 1450~1700℃.
3. The bulk density of silicon carbide ramming materials should not be less than 2.2t per cubic meter, and the bulk density of tar-added dolomite and magnesium ramming materials should not be less than 2.9t per cubic meter; high aluminum and magnesium The body density of the quality ramming material should not be less than 2.95t per cubic meter.
4. The construction ramming material should be the finished material produced by a special manufacturer, and the finished product Refractory dry ramming mass should have a factory certificate and instruction manual.
5. The particle size of refractory dry ramming mass should be evenly matched, the ratio of coarse, medium and fine particles is roughly 4:2:4, and the maximum particle size is between 5 and 7 mm.
The above are the 5 basic characteristics of Refractory dry ramming mass, and I will share them today.

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