Customised innovative technology for refractory solutions

We are a professional manufacturer of unshaped refractory materials, a national high-tech enterprise, with many patents and high-tech products, to provide customers with safe, reliable and high-performance refractory solutions, to meet the different needs of customers.


Our company has a number of experienced engineers whom have been engaged in R&D, production and on-site service of refractory materials for ferrous and non-ferrous industries.



Including castables (heavy and lightweight insulation), dry vibrating materials, plastic repair materials, plastic materials, coatings and prefabricated refractories, etc.


With a professional high-temperature material technology center, we are continuously committed to creating products with better performance and higher competitiveness.

Create greater value for customers

SFR® has a professional refractory R & D team, with the state of art technology, worldwide sourcing of raw materials, high-tech equipment and ISO9001: 2008 quality assurance system.

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    R & D and production of product categories

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    Cooperative customers at home and abroad

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    Company R&D technicians

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We are a professional manufacturer of unshaped refractory materials, a national high-tech enterprise, with many patents and high-tech products.

Alumina ramming mass manufacturers take you to understand how long the refractory castables can be used after they are evenly stirred
Alumina ramming mass manufacturers tell you that refractory castables have been gradually developing in the sales market due to their advantages of convenient construction, high quality and low price, and easy use of fireproof materials.
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Spout and Repair Material manufacturers take you to understand the castable production process and equipment
Spout and Repair Material manufacturers tell you that castables are basic materials serving high-temperature technology, especially closely related to the metallurgical industry, and their quality and variety play a key role in the development of high-temperature technology.
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How to apply Refractory dry ramming mass correctly
Refractory dry ramming mass is composed of refractory aggregate and powder, cementing agent or other admixtures, etc. After mixing in proportion, it is constructed by ramming method, which is called Refractory dry ramming mass.
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