Castable for aluminum condenses too fast during summer construction


When Castable for aluminum is constructed in summer, the temperature is high and it gets damp. During construction, it will condense too fast, so that it will be impossible to construct. What is going on?

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There are several reasons. Firstly, if the amount of Castable for aluminum high-aluminum cement is too large, the setting speed will be too fast. This will result in low strength in the later stage, and measures must be taken to add water reducing agent or retarder before construction can be used.
The other is due to the moisture in summer, the fluidity of the binder is low after being added, and it will be damaged by hand after construction. At this time, the binder must be replaced before re-construction, otherwise the strength of the castable will also be low in the later stage. , And can not be constructed at all, the reason is that the castable has no fluidity.
If the raw material of Castable for aluminum is wet in summer, it will also condense too fast during construction. At this time, water reducing agent must be added before construction can be carried out. If the amount of Castable for aluminum is high alumina cement is too large, there is no need to add water reducing agent, just add retarder. During the mixing process of the castable, if the fluidity of the castable does not change, it can be carried out directly. construction. If the fluidity is not good after adding the retarder, then this batch of Castable for aluminum can no longer work. Because the calcium content will be high in the later stage and the strength will be problematic.
Therefore, when producing castables in summer, it is necessary to check whether the raw materials are damp, especially silicon powder. After being damp, they cannot be used again, otherwise it will cause a lot of trouble and cause the entire batch of castables to be unusable. Castable for aluminum condenses too fast, you can add water reducing agent for construction, under normal circumstances, do not add retarder. Even if the increase cannot be too large, it will affect the later use intensity.

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