China Cast New Material Industry Magical Ningxia Parent-child Tour


The magical trip to Ningxia of China Casting New Material Industry

Silk Road,


Desert Sands,

Wind-eroded hills,

In the northwest, there is the heroism of the golden horse and iron horse, and the legend of the interdependence of sand and water.

China is so beautiful, and it’s here! ——Ningxia.

It was the dog days in the south of the Yangtze River. Zhongzhu New Materials held hands with small hands and set foot on the endless desert!




The army visited the Western Xia King’s Tomb, Zhenbeipu Western Film and Television City, the filming locations of more than 80 film and television dramas, such as "Red Sorghum", "A Chinese Journey to the West", and "New Dragon Inn". Star”.




Here, ride a surf car to go deep into the desert and practice horse riding. Adults and children ride a camel together to walk in the desert. The desert is scattered wild, and you can fully experience the unique and magnificent grassland and desert scenery that combines sand, water and grass.




As night falls, feel the reception with strong Mongolian style, taste Montessori special meals for dinner, and then watch the large-scale bonfire party with strong Mongolian style!




Sheepskin rafts are an ancient means of transportation for residents along the Yellow River. There is a jingle about making sheepskin rafts: smash a sheep to death, peel off a piece of skin, cover all its fur, apply a coat of oil, expose it to the sun for a month, and blow it on. In one breath, tied into a row, can sail the warships, float him for decades, like a fairy.

Taking a family as a unit, riding on sheepskin rafts takes us to feel the vitality and cultural power of loess in northwest China, and injects fresh blood into the desolate place of Zhongwei. It has a soul and becomes vivid, like a spiritual girl. , People can't help but come to see Fangrong.




Ningxia is indeed a magical place. Since the Northern Wei Dynasty and the Northern Zhou Dynasty, the name "Shang Jiangnan" has existed for more than a thousand years. It is the province with the smallest area in the northwest, but its landforms are diverse. Mountains, hills, plains, deserts, rivers, and lakes, not only the gentle and beautiful water villages in the south of the Yangtze River, but also the vastness and majesty of the desert outside the Great Wall, the rich Hui customs, adding to the exotic Unique feeling.




In just a few days, I have a deep understanding of the vast territory, the sky and the earth, the unrestrained nature, the blue sky, white clouds, snow-capped mountains and grasslands, and the happily bouncing cattle and sheep everywhere that look like black spots and white spots. I feel that life is very small, and Very tough.

Don’t pass this, leave us with laughter, and look forward to meeting again in the magical Ningxia in the future!

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