China Cast New Material Industry takes you to review the grand occasion of the 19th China International Foundry Expo


China Casting New Material Industry: 1D02

The 19th China International Foundry Expo, the 15th China International Die Casting Industry Exhibition & the 15th International Nonferrous and Special Casting Exhibition, will be successfully concluded at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center on May 28, 2021.


Highlights of Exhibits


R&D and innovation


China Cast New Material Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. has made meticulous preparations to welcome this exhibition. Our booth area is nearly 150 square meters at this exhibition, and it is located at 1D02. The products exhibited this time include casting and non-ferrous metal industries. A variety of dry vibrating materials, castables, plastic materials, coatings and prefabs, etc., as well as supporting products such as ladle, pouring machine, high-insulation aluminum water transfer package, filter box and so on. In addition, we have also brought a number of the latest research and development results of our R&D center in the past year.




 During the exhibition, the booth of China Cast New Materials Industry attracted many industry leaders, experts, customers from all walks of life and many professional visitors.




During the three-day exhibition period, the exhibition welcomed nearly 100,000 professional visitors to the exhibition to purchase and negotiate. Our company made a brilliant appearance at this event and won the most attractive exhibitor of 2021.




China Cast New Material Industry has moved into a new production plant in May 2020. Now it has 9 advanced production batching systems, with the newly built prefab processing workshop, reaching an annual output of 60,000 tons of monolithic refractories and 2,000 tons. The production capacity of prefabricated refractories has provided more than 1,300 customers with better and faster services worldwide! China Cast New Materials Industry has established long-term R&D cooperation with the Shanghai Silicon Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University of Technology and other scientific research institutions to jointly build enterprise technology centers, engineering centers and graduate workstations, continue to introduce new products and new technologies to the market, and improve customer furnace linings. Life, improve the operating environment!




In 2022, at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, let us meet again.



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