How to use Refractory castable cement


There are many types of cement. Among them, Refractory castable cement is very popular. It has good fire resistance and good flame retardancy. How to use Refractory castable cement? Today, Refractory castable cement manufacturers have come to answer this question.

How to use Refractory castable cement:

First prepare the right amount of Refractory castable cement, then pour in the right amount of water to mix, mix it evenly, and then you can use it. When adding, there is no need to add other binders, and some powders and refractory aggregates can be added slightly, so as to avoid cracking problems in the future. If only pure cement is used, Refractory castable cement is prone to cracks once it encounters high temperatures.

What should be paid attention to in the deployment of Refractory castable cement

1. Before blending, prepare the right amount of Refractory castable cement. The amount of cement used must be prepared properly. If the amount of cement used is not enough, there may be problems such as different models and different batches when repurchasing, which will affect it. The construction effect.

2. When blending, you must know its ratio in advance, and adjust it strictly according to its ratio. If it is too thin, it will affect its setting speed, if it is too thick, it will affect durability. It is easy to have problems such as cracking.

3. When deploying, it must be deployed in a suitable environment. If it is self-made in the construction site, it must be tested in the laboratory in advance. When its ratio and consistency meet the requirements, test blocks are made and tested according to the requirements of the specified construction project. After the inspection result of the block meets the requirements, the construction can be started.

After reading the above content, I believe everyone has a better understanding of how to use Refractory castable cement. For more information, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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