Introduction to the characteristics of refractory dry ramming mass


Refractory dry ramming mass is prepared from a high proportion of granular and powdery materials and a very low proportion of binders and other components, even all of which are composed of granules and powders, and must be pounded vigorously Bulk materials for construction.

Wholesale refractory dry ramming mass factory
Ramping material refers to the unshaped refractory material that is constructed by ramming (manual or mechanical) and hardened under the action of heating above normal temperature. Refractory dry ramming mass is made by mixing refractory aggregate, powder, binder, admixture and water or other liquids with a certain grade.
Compared with other unshaped refractory materials of the same material, the ramming material is dry or semi-dry and loose, and the dense structure can be obtained by strong ramming. Only when it is heated to the sintering temperature, the combination will have strength. The refractory dry ramming mass manufacturer tells you that after the ramming mass is formed, different heating methods can be adopted to promote its hardening or sintering according to the hardening characteristics of the mixture. If it contains an inorganic chemical binder, it can be removed from the mold after hardening to a certain strength and baked; if it contains a thermoplastic carbon mixture, it must be cooled to a certain strength before demoulding, and it should be heated quickly to make it coke before use; A binder that hardens at room temperature is often sintered with a mold after tamping.

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