Silica ramming mass manufacturers take you to understand the composition of ramming mass


Silica ramming mass manufacturers tell you that the proportion of granular and powdery materials in the ramming material is very high, while the proportion of binders and other components is very low, and even all of them are composed of granular and powdery materials. Therefore, the reasonable gradation of granular and powdery materials is an important part.

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In the ramming material, the appropriate binder is often selected according to the material and application requirements of the particles and powder. Silica ramming mass manufacturers tell you that some ramming materials do not use binders, or only add a small amount of flux to promote their sintering. Binders such as sodium silicate, ethyl silicate and silica gel are commonly used in acidic ramming materials. Among them, borate is mostly used in dry ramming materials. Silica ramming mass manufacturers tell you that magnesium chloride, sulfate, phosphate and their polymers are commonly used in alkaline ramming materials. Higher carbon content is also often used, which can form carbon-bonded organic pitch and resin and temporary binders at high temperatures.
Granular and powdery materials can be made of various materials, depending on the needs of use. Silica ramming mass manufacturers tell you that no matter what material is used, since the ramming mass is mainly used in direct contact with the melt, granular and powdery materials are required to have high volume stability, compactness and corrosion resistance.

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