Spinel ramming mass product introduction


Spinel ramming mass uses high-quality corundum as the main raw material, and adds various binders and micro-powder materials with special properties, high temperature-resistant binders, anti-cracking agents, anti-seepage agents and other composite materials through fine proportioning and mixing. Spinel ramming mass is all made of special high-grade materials, which have better performance in many aspects such as softness, refractoriness, slag resistance, erosion resistance and thermal shock performance. Therefore, it is determined and guaranteed that the material can be used as a high-quality furnace lining material with stable and excellent performance under harsh or even harsh smelting conditions.

Wholesale Spinel ramming mass factory
Spinel ramming mass has a series of advantages such as erosion resistance, strong stability, no cracking, strong maneuverability and high refractoriness. This series of products are high-grade aluminum-magnesium refractory materials, which are neutral and weakly alkaline. Spinel ramming mass is suitable for melting nickel-iron alloys, molybdenum-iron alloys, chromium-iron alloys, vanadium-titanium alloys, titanium-tungsten alloys, copper, aluminum, zinc alloys, Plain carbon steel, high manganese steel, alloy steel, alloy cast iron, high-speed tool steel and stainless steel, etc.
Matters needing attention: Spinel ramming mass manufacturers tell you that the site or mixing equipment must be cleaned before mixing. It is strictly forbidden to mix other impurities, especially steel scraps and iron.
Spinel ramming mass manufacturer tells you that the material can be used continuously for more than 150 furnaces under normal construction furnaces, normal ovens, and normal operating conditions.

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