The alumina refractory manufacturer will take you to understand the function of using ramming material


The alumina refractory manufacturers tell you that ramming materials are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, non-ferrous metal smelting, chemical industry, machinery and other manufacturing industries. So today, I will talk about the use of ramming material.

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The alumina refractory manufacturer tells you that according to different blast furnace types and different material design requirements, carbon ramming material is mainly used for the gap between the bottom carbon brick and the bottom sealing plate of the blast furnace and between the hearth carbon brick and the cooling wall , as well as the leveling above the water cooling pipeline at the bottom of the furnace and the filling of the cooling wall, all parts require that the carbon ramming material after the ramming material has a certain strength and density, filling every corner and small gap, to achieve impermeability The requirements for leaking molten iron and gas, and the thermal conductivity of the carbon ramming material should be basically consistent with the performance of the blast furnace hot carbon bricks and cooling stave, so as not to affect the life of the blast furnace and maintain the normal production of the blast furnace.
The alumina refractory manufacturer tells you that the common problem encountered in the use of carbon ramming materials is that the thermal conductivity of general carbon ramming materials is low, which is not conducive to the rapid cooling of the blast furnace body, thus affecting the service life. Therefore, the updated research and application of carbon ramming materials with high thermal coefficients have market prospects. The alumina refractory manufacturer tells you that whether it is adding additives to the carbon ramming material, changing the properties of the material by in-situ reaction at high temperature, or changing the structure of the local material from a design point of view, the carbon ramming material layer can be made to work. When the temperature rises, the thermal conductivity matching the carbon brick and the cooling stave can be achieved to ensure normal heat conduction without damaging the overall construction structure, so as to meet the requirements of improving the life of the blast furnace.

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