How to apply Refractory dry ramming mass correctly


Refractory dry ramming mass is composed of refractory aggregate and powder, cementing agent or other admixtures, etc. After mixing in proportion, it is constructed by ramming method, which is called Refractory dry ramming mass.

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The construction process of Refractory dry ramming mass is: preparation of ramming material and installation of formwork, ramming, trimming, demoulding and maintenance. The key is the ramming process.
Refractory dry ramming mass is generally rammed with an air pick. When ramming with an air pick, the wind pressure cannot be lower than 5 atmospheres; the shape of the hammer head is square, rectangular and round, and the general size is between 50 and 80 mm. If it is too large, the ramming force will not be enough, and the compactness will be poor, which will affect the performance of the Refractory dry ramming mass; if it is too small, the ramming force will be too large, and it will not be easy to ramming, and it will affect the work efficiency.
When ramming, the thickness of each laying is 20~60 mm, the air pick should be perpendicular to the material surface, the hammer head should move continuously in one direction, and the hammer head should overlap by one-third to one-half to avoid leakage. Each line also overlaps. Each layer of material is continuously rammed for four or five times, and after it is uniform and compacted to form a whole, the next layer of material can be laid (it is best to remove the ramming surface before laying the material, so that the upper and lower layers are tightly connected to prevent delamination). The manufacturer of Refractory dry ramming mass tells you that the ramming construction should be carried out continuously. If the interruption time is long, the ramming surface should be tightly covered. When re-constructing, the ramming surface should be shaved before ramming.
Refractory dry ramming mass manufacturers tell you that after ramming, you can immediately remove the mold for curing or baking. If it is a ramming prefabricated component or a prefabricated block, it must meet the design requirements before it can be transported.

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