What are Refractory for patching


Refractory for patching manufacturers tell you that high-temperature kilns are lined with refractory materials. Refractory materials are used as kiln linings in long-term high-temperature environments and are eroded by gases and liquids, resulting in damage to the kiln lining.

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Patching techniques and methods of Refractory for patching


Refractory for patching manufacturers tell you that the main reason for the damage to the lining of high-temperature kilns is that the refractory materials are eroded, washed, and worn.

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Use of Refractory for patching in boiler chimneys


Refractory for patching manufacturers tell you that although the boiler chimneys in chemical plants have gradually disappeared before the call for environmental protection, but in some areas boiler chimneys are still used, and the gas will gradually become in the application.

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