refractory dry ramming mass is the "fireproof choice" in the construction field


In recent years, with the development of urbanization and industrialization, the demand in the field of construction has become higher and higher. In high-rise buildings and large industrial buildings, the demand for refractory materials has become a problem that cannot be ignored.

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The foundry refractory manufacturer will take you to understand some precautions for the spraying construction of refractory spray coatings


The foundry refractory manufacturer tells you to set Y-shaped and T-shaped metal anchors of two different specifications on the sprayed inner lining. Welding process for welding.

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Introduction to the performance of Refractory for non-ferrous alloy


Refractory for non-ferrous alloy manufacturers tell you that refractory materials are also important basic materials in the non-ferrous metallurgical industry, and are the main bearers of physical and chemical erosion and mechanical damage of high-temperature melts. The size and structure of refractory bricks have strict requirements.

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The foundry refractory manufacturer will take you to understand what issues need to be considered in the selection of arch bridge refractory materials


The foundry refractory manufacturer tells you that the sleeve lime kiln has changed the original positive pressure operation mode of the vertical kiln, and now it is changed to negative pressure operation without smoke and dust overflow, which is more conducive to environmental protection requirements.

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Silica ramming mass manufacturers show you how to store ramming mass


The Silica ramming mass manufacturer tells you that the refractory ramming mass is prepared from a high proportion of granular materials and a very low proportion of binders and other components, and even all of them are composed of granular and powdery materials, which need to be rammed strongly Bulk materials for construction in the same way.

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The Silica ramming mass manufacturer will show you what are the ingredients of the ramming mass


Silica ramming mass manufacturers tell you that the proportion of granular and powdery materials in the ramming material is very high, while the proportion of binder and other components is very high, while the proportion of binder and other components is very low, or even all It consists of granules and powder.

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What are the characteristics of Low phosphorus plastic refractory


Low phosphorous plastic refractroy is a refractory plastic made from phosphoric acid and phosphate. It is characterized by better high temperature performance, but higher cost and shorter shelf life.

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Foundry refractory production process introduction


Foundry refractory refers to the products that are cast into certain shapes after the raw materials and batch materials are melted at high temperature. There are two melting methods: electrofusion and thermite.

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